Bizart 35: Dada Kitten, Fred Willard, Peter Cook, Prog Rock & Psychedelic Cinema

Those great Fred Willard comedy quotes came from the movie, ‘A Mighty Wind.’
Michael Gothard was the actor in Herostratus we are referring to.


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0.00 Dada Kitten

10.30 Fred Willard, Peter Cook & Other Legends

18.53 Self Critique & the Negative Side of Mega Famedom

22.10 Maddie’s London Book Reading

28.15 Vinyl Records, Prog Rock, ‘Herostratus,’ ‘Psychedelic Cinema’ & ‘More’

Bizart 34: Our Favourite YouTubers & disturbing artistic experiences that shape us

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1.00 – Some of our favourite YouTube channels

8.50 – The disturbing  artistic experiences that shape us