I am influenced by ¬†artists such as Caspar David Friedrich, Mark Rothko & Don Van Vliet. Electronic music also plays a big part in my workflow as does the cinematic philosophy of Alejandro Jodorowsky. For my recent artworks I am very much attempting to emulate a tribal or even ethereal perspective. Well, partly at any rate..¬† To be blatantly honest with you I used to create art in some vein attempt to immortalise myself. “Look what I can do, this stuff might live forever.” Now I have lost my ego. And I tend to rightly or wrongly look down on others who have one. I see pride as adolescent stupidity. The massive flip-side is this life-changing perspective is the working process is more important to me than finishing a completed piece.¬† Oh, I guess I had better add that I have a BA(hons) degree in TV Graphics from the University of East Anglia, but I like to pretend I’m much cooler than that.-